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Don't worry if you still have questions about your garage door! Here you will find the answers

Can I operate a damaged garage door?

Using a malfunctioning or damaged door is dangerous, as it can cause fatal injuries or even death to children, the operator, pets and even the vehicle. If the door is malfunctioning, you should call a specialist from garage door repair Mount Prospect to diagnose the defect and fix it immediately. This will prevent any risk of injury.

How to perform routine inspection of garage door?

Inspect the rollers and if broken, have them replaced by a specialist in garage door repair. Lubrication should be done regularly to the springs, hinges and rollers and the weather stripping and foam or rubber edge on the door frame should be cleaned. The bottom edge of the door made of vinyl should also be cleaned regularly.

Can I get emergency help?

Most professional services offer fast emergency services, meant to send a team as soon as possible. If you experience a problem with your garage door opener and need immediate assistance, call our garage door repair company in Mount Prospect. We offer professional emergency services for anyone who needs the help of an experienced technician.

What causes garage door tracks to bend?

When small pebbles get inside and the wheels of the rollers pass over them, the pressure exerted on the tracks can cause bending. This issue can also occur when the vertical and horizontal sections are misaligned. If you use sticky lubricant which attracts debris, it can get built up around the wheels and cause pressure and bending.

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