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Gate Repair Services

Gate Repair Services
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It is convenient working with Garage Door Repair Mount Prospect since our company is not only a garage door repair contractor but also a gate service expert. With great foundations, modern tools, equipped vehicles and expert technicians, services are provided fast and they are excellent in terms of quality. Every technician of our company is trained well and fully informed about the latest opener and intercom novelties. Our staff can keep you updated with innovations and assist you in finding new products. Being well informed, knowledgeable and experienced is the best way to deal with problems and cover every garage door and gate need. We promise exceptional services and 24 hour emergency repairs.

The best services from our gate specialists

We service all types of gates thoroughly and our work includes everything related to these mechanisms. From their maintenance, installation and repair to their replacement and intercom services, our technicians are here to assist you by providing:

Automatic gate repair

We pride ourselves for being exceptional electric gate repair specialists. We fix any problem with all parts of the mechanism and give special emphasis on the components of the automatic opener and especially its motor and sensors. We check the connections, wiring and every part and troubleshoot the system in order to offer the right repair service.

Emergency service
Gate Repair in Mount Prospect

We arrive at once when you are confronted with serious issues, which might endanger your safety or keep you from closing the gate. Every little problem is treated with attention and rest assured that our teams will be at your home as soon as you report the problem. We are always available and our work is as great as always.

Gate troubleshooting

When clients call to report specific problems with the system, our first priority is to troubleshoot parts in order to come up with the right diagnosis. We are very experienced contractors but like to be precise. We offer immediate and meticulous automatic gate troubleshooting and repair the issue on site.

Gate opener replacement

If you are looking for an opener replacement, we can help you find an excellent one and we can order it from your preferred brand. We are experienced professionals and since we want the best for our clients, we pay attention to their choices and make sure the new opener is compliant with the UL 325 safety guidelines. We follow these rules even when we install the new sliding or swing gate operator and give attention to every little detail.

Gate intercom installation

Intercoms are complex systems and must be chosen depending on one's needs. Your choice will be determined by the requirements of your property and your personal demands and we can be of great assistance. Since we are knowledgeable of every phone entry system, we can promise excellent installation and we are available for follow-up repair services.

As excellent service providers, we stay one step ahead of your needs. With our thorough maintenance service, you won't have to deal with problems on your own, and accidents will be prevented. At the same time, you can count on our 24 hour emergency teams whenever parts break or you have issues with the operator. All parts are fixed efficiently by our experienced staff and installation is done with precision. You can expect the best service from our teams, which can be easily reached by phone or email.

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