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Glass garage doors are one of the most elegant and modern-looking doors these days. Our splendid garage door company has this type of door and all other types that suit different looks of houses. Customers can pick from a wide selection of doors and see which one best suits their taste and overall look of the home. We will be more than happy to assist and help in your decision-making. In addition to this, install the new door and make sure that it is set up properly and not a thing is out of place. Our professional technicians ensure a job well done.Garage Door Openers 24/7 Services

Our team of professionals at Garage Door Repair Mount Prospect can handle any garage door issues you might have, including repairs, replacement, and installation of garage door openers in Mount Prospect.

We service all major brands and types of garage door openers Mount Prospect residents use in their garages.  The Mount Prospect garage door openers we install are by companies that are proven to provide excellent products.

Excellent Opener Brands for Mount Prospect Garage Door Openers

*    Genie

*    Liftmaster

*    Chamberlain

*    Craftsman

*    Sears

*    Marantec

These major opener brands make three main types of opener systems.  Each of these systems has different parts and configurations.  Our garage door repair professionals are knowledgeable about all three garage door opener types.

Three Opener Types for Garage Door Openers in Mount Prospect

    Chain Drive

Mt Prospect garage door openers with chain drive systems lift the garage door using chains to lift the door along the rails on the sides of the garage door.  This method is very sturdy and durable.  A chain drive lift mechanism is budget- friendly and strong, but it can be very noisy.

    Belt Drive

To control the noise level, the chains in the chain drive system were replaced with rubber belts. The belt drive system is quieter, but it is more expensive. Belt drive lift mechanisms work the same way that the chain mechanisms work.

    Screw Drive

Screw drive lift mechanisms in garage door openers Mt Prospect home owners have work differently than chain or belt drive systems.  The screw drive system uses a threaded steel rod to lift the garage door.

When you need help with garage door openers in Mt Prospect, professionals at Garage Door Repair Mount Prospect would love to assist you.  We offer emergency service, same day service, or convenient appointment times.  

Give us a call and see how we outshine the competition.

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